Strawberry Feelings Forever~

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jukitachan asked: You're art is super adorable and lovely!!! : D I love the fanart you've drawn of Magi, Sinbad no Bouken and CosMo's songs!!! You're amazzzzingggggg!!!


oh my gosh thank you!!!!!!/// hearing that about my magi/snb art is wonderful but about cosMo’s songs too is—WOW BLESS I’M GLAD YOU LIKE IT SO MUCH AHH!! the cosMo fandom is still too small so i’m glad someone enjoys/knows about my cosMo artwork weeps
(in fact i don’t think many people know my URL here /is/ a cosMo song omg..)

You’re art is incredible cute, really, it’s like happiness and fluffy and so adorable!!

It’s so sad the cosMo doesn’t have a bigger fandom :’ (  And to tell you the truth, before I saw your fanart I thought that it was all a big coincidence, like “whoa I wonder if this person knows about the song… mmm probably not xD”  

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